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索爱w960i|公牛牌痛风灵说明书Two generals in front of the battle, you come and go, recruit dangerous, foot soldiers on both sides is to see the dizzy pool, hot blood, unconsciously began to cheer for their own general.Failed!Squinting in his chair, looking east, Guan Yu's eyes flashed a touch of the cold murderous opportunity, for Guan Ping 's death, The most uncomfortable nature is guan yu, although has killed lv meng, but in guan yu's view, this is far from enough, sun quan repeatedly provoked, liu bei can endure, but he guan yu can't, especially this time, unexpectedly cut his son, in guan yu's view, this is an immortal situation, only killed sun quan, can be buried for his beloved son.

He is a mediocre man who is not envy, As I was told, Not afraid of people scold, afraid of no one scold, a society, if there is only one voice, that is an abnormal thing, of course, these people can't be used to, some pertinent opinions lyu3 bu4 will collect, but some people scold for scold, sorry, this life wealth, career even with you, don't tell me what you are.Zhuge Liang was about to shake his head, Suddenly a little dazed, Turning his head to Zhang Fei, Suddenly smiled, For a long time, the kanto army on lyu3 bu4 forces, the biggest problem is lyu3 bu4 army as long as there is room for maneuver, will never want to close combat with the enemy, and guanzhong crossbow arrow power is very strong in both range and penetration, ordinary wood shield simply can't stop, and thicker shield to make no sense, seriously hinder the march speed."Perhaps." Lv Zheng smell speech did not answer directly, twist a head to look at XiongKuo sea way: "XiongShu, tonight you are afraid to take charge of the overall situation, Wang Shuanggang Yong, but the lack of general strategy, can not control the overall situation."索爱w960i|...

索爱w960i|"Here!" At slightly hand promised, this command, is usually conveyed by him."Oh ~" Ma Su directly uttered a sneer, to show his disdain."Poof ~ poof ~"

Hastily unfolded the letterhead, Just looking at it, looking at it, Liu Bei's face darkened, In his letter, Zhuge Liang did not complain that Liu Bei had rushed to war with Jiang Dong, But the cutting of Shu could not go on, Pang Tong in Shu now will be the location, people and all occupied, Not in a short time, and there was not enough hay in Jingzhou for Zhuge Liang to fight for a long time, Therefore, zhuge liang let yan yan retreat to yiling, since the army along the river, will arrive in a few days, as for jiangdong, zhuge liang told liu bei, cao cao, please fight together, and must be quick, before spring break jiangdong, zhuge liang will directly with the army of shu and guan yu."General, wei yan, blanc two generals led the military forces have been to thirty miles away, two generals have come to meet with the general with a close guard!" Just as Pound was helpless, a small school came in and said to Pound."Sometimes the outcome of a war is not on the battlefield." Lu Zheng swept Ma Su a glance, said secluded way: "Think about it, with the answer, can let a person to inform me, my father is very tolerant of talent, if you have to be loyal to my father."索爱w960i|




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