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纱织奇异事件簿|语音降噪芯片Exquisite Tea Bowls After Sun Quan heard the news of the defeat at the front, with an involuntary tremor in the palm of his hand, Left on the ground, Yin ling was broken, lu su was captured, he qi withdrew with the remnants of the soldiers, sun quan no matter what didn't expect lu su will lose so fast, distracted looking at the soldiers in front of him, sun quan for a moment, only to knock over the schisandra, this time, he really miss zhou yu, if he were here, the situation at least won't erode to this point.Don't forget, Shu people are good at shooting, Is played out in the mountains, and the guanzhong army crossbow arrow is more exquisite group attack, don't care about the head, if wei yan really confident burst in, I'm afraid the result is just yan yan pressure, as a general led the troops, wei yan nature will not make this kind of take their own short board to fight with people's parents.

"Yes." ChengFang puzzled, but still according to the command of lu zheng began to deploy."Yes." ChengFang puzzled, but still according to the command of lu zheng began to deploy."Guan Yu, if you are afraid, then suppress the war, why send out such abscesses? Only make people laugh!" Tardif put away his bow and arrow, looked at guan yu, sneer at.纱织奇异事件簿|"Let him scold, and when he is tired of scolding, he will stop." Pang tong left his mouth, went straight to the gate of the king, to say endurance, originally pang tong is not, but from jingzhou Addis carry away, the kind of injustice can't claim, there is no place to say the day has been two years, want to can't endure, that kind of environment to exercise out of the endurance, zhang fei now sent this point of gas, pediatric.

纱织奇异事件簿|"I will take a title of generals in ancient times guard out of the city, the gentleman does not stand under the wall, I do not have the courage of my father, or be careful. Lu Zheng shook his head and laughed.Some merchants from outside also don't understand what happened, a inquire just know a title of generals in ancient times house came the news, champion hou, a title of generals in ancient times general lyu3 bu4 will be at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, was named king.

Wei Yan: "…""Is general guan, general guan didn't abandon us, men, kill out, meet with general guan!" Originally already demoralized jingzhou army saw guan yu flag back, not by the spirit of a vibration, already about to collapse of the morale miraculously rose, again alive to kill jiangdong soldiers.Look up at the wall, but see the wall is dark.纱织奇异事件簿|




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