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啊快停下好痛快抽出去|山东期货开户"The war, in fact, according to the identity, should be led by me to war zhuge kongming, but my father did not give me this right, even from the beginning, the general power to pang tong is in charge, because I have not even commanded the battle of tens of thousands of people. Speaking of which, Lu Zheng sighed: "Young Chang may not know, Since I was eight years old, He was forced by his father to hide his name to do county collectors, not county magistrates, county collectors, nine years old in the western regions, with hundreds of people long identity conquering the western regions hu, a year, from a small hundred people long has been promoted to the western regions under the general house, personally kill the enemy 246 people, break dayuan thousands of people battle, more participated in the war of dayuan destroy the country. "Two hundred steps within range, even Teng Dun also can't block the crossbow attack in the guanzhong, that a dense cluster of arrows, see around the pad jiang soldiers heart cold, the guanzhong army after all how rich, so don't want money to the mountain arrow cluster.Tardif returned to the tune, and Heqi hurriedly greeted him. "How about that?"

Inexorable strong bow crossbow, in front of these trenches ate shrivelled, make all the guanzhong soldiers hate teeth itch, but helpless.Small school promised, turned away, soon, wei yan and blanc side by side.Don't take off, no shield hand block, he is a live target, hundreds of arrows cluster shot, so close to do not run, wait to become a hedgehog.啊快停下好痛快抽出去|"Jun occupied LuJiang, then did not continue to attack, seems to be north lyu3 bu4 hit up, tube general still continue to fight, now, even has taken a county or two."

啊快停下好痛快抽出去|"General, guan yu to withdraw!" Outside the city, he qi has begun to command soldiers into the city, tracing the cause, a few jiangdong generals looked at tracing the cause of excitement."At the end of the day!" Huang gai three people promised to 1, jiangdong water army unparalleled in the world, to the water, don't say MAO jie, is guan yu, also only get slaughtered, as Chen to have no place to make, depressed died in the river, for this, jiangdong people have absolute confidence.Ma is curious, although hostile, but now lyu3 bu4 but sit firmly in the world's first governors, he naturally also want to know how the infamous in the scholar, but the legendary figure of life is how to evaluate themselves, nodded: "listen to me."

Meaning, you go to war at this time, is to give others a chance, zhang fei gas straight blowing beard, but zhuge liang at this time, zhang fei also can't help but stare."At the end of the day!" Tardif and zhou tai looked at each other, Lin however, after being ordered to turn around and stride away.Tardif with military forces all the way to chase, jingzhou soldiers even turned the battle, and experienced a defeat, already sleepy, at the moment was chased, can also run at the beginning, but with the distance between the two sides continue to draw closer, the psychological pressure to accelerate the physical consumption, gradually some can't run.啊快停下好痛快抽出去|




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