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中外船都故事天车遥控器Not don't want to, just when the manpower is poor, jingzhou war situation has been played to this point, he doesn't believe lyu3 bu4 will be indifferent, and pang tong even got shu, as long as strangle the main road, pang tong want to send troops from shu, into jingzhou, but also difficult.Rapid footsteps woke up a lot of sleeping people, many people curious to wait and see, but see a large number of people toward the secretariat of the murderous past, many alert people hurriedly pulled family, the doors and windows closed, tonight looks unusual.As Zhang Fei describe it, Even if Zhang Fei could find out whether he was alive or dead, for this simplified formation, The most is just to separate opponents, after all, although simple, but is a big array with a small array, small array with a smaller array, even if broken open the big array, small array or be able to operate freely, not every small soldier all know this, don't look at zhang fei reckless, but it is authentic haughty origin, there is that foundation, ordinary soldiers can't.

Then follow the soldiers ferociously rushed into the formation of jiangdong army, two pikes directly through the chest of a soldier, jingzhou soldiers who were stabbed through the body but not stop, with ferocious expression on his face, hard against the pike rushed to the front of each other, a knife chop off a jiangdong soldiers head to die.Seeing the tension between the two sides, a look that could start fighting at any time, pang tong and zhuge liang finally shook their heads: "I and kongming (yuan) old friend reunion, this is a rare happy event, how can let this bingge gas collide with me and other literati meet, and first step down, here by my two recollection of the past can be."Before he finished speaking, a flying axe had already broken through the air and directly opened his skull, splashing his blood and brain. Xiongkuohai gave a sneer and looked at Li Hun. "You want to revolt!"中外船都故事"Men, even if it is death, also want to die on the way to charge, with me to kill!" Guan yu struggling to mention the dragon crescent moon knife, roared, the first to fight, behind, less than five hundred soldiers at the moment has burst out of amazing courage, with the arrow rain, toward jiangdong soldiers launched a counter-charge.

中外船都故事More terrible is that the other side of the fighters no matter reaction speed or fierce, to jingzhou soldiers too much better, often three or five jingzhou soldiers can spell out each other, so play down, the final loss of iron is their own.Side of Kong Rong smell speech, also can only sigh, nothing to say, let Liu Xie back to life, that is no doubt their own hit their face, the han is already weak majesty, will finally be beaten up by themselves.The formation of jiangdong army, was rushed to smash, these jiangdong soldiers in jingzhou soldiers dauntless death charge, have chills, began to retreat.

Zhuge liang smell speech, silently nodded, if the rattan armor is really so fierce, to it as a surprise, but can harvest wonders."Why did the governor lose so quickly?" Tardif smell speech, can't help but frown at He Qidao.Chapter one hundred and fourteen guan yu wounded中外船都故事




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