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高考化学致宣青岛赛思日语学校"General, the garrison general guo yuan died in battle, and the rest fell." < / p > < p > four battalion head forward, reported to gao shunhui."What did you say? Xu chu's eyes were red, staring at xu you like a tiger.But zhang he had done nothing wrong. Aside from personal feelings, zhang he was a good general, and lu naturally hoped he would be able to overcome him.

"Is wrong, and keep the camp of the people have changed, the Lord has probably not d in the camp, seibel side I'm afraid I have insight into my heart to you, it about three days, is what kind of Ann, way down our momentum, and also to take this opportunity to secretly move military forces, super horse cavalry now I'm afraid I have ambush in the dark, to spy out our actual situation, only a little tact, our army to attack will be to take advantage of weakness." Kuai yue looked around, into the eyes of the place is full of a piece of wilderness, here is originally cavalry camp, very open on all sides., cao yuan for lyu3 bu4, pressure is not big, not only from the two sides on the strength of the pressure, and more importantly, cao yuan, drives already began to lu bu and shown good britons also become dishonest rise again, although no begin, but the chariot in build thing with military forces but not removed, and liu table also recently began to station troops in nanyang, nominally against lu bu, but if lyu3 bu4 is weak, liu table have no idea, further the henton to southern governors meaning is different this time, as long as you can persuade existed all the way to deal with cao cao, lu bu side will reduce a lot of pressure, Therefore, after agreeing to jia xu's proposal, lu sent an hussar to protect Yang fu's safety.Jiang lost saw that woman one eye: "is yuan shao two son yuan xi's wife, zhen shi."高考化学致宣The battle could not go on. Hedong had been caught by lu bu. If cao cao insisted on not leaving hedong, the next trip to hedong might not be as simple as a ma chao.

高考化学致宣Xun yu and xun you looked at cao cao and found that the role of counselors was not enough to control the situation. It was cao cao who really needed to make a decision.In the imperial palace, yuan xi enthusiastic banquet broadband han rong."What does the young lady think?" Yang fu looked at lu lingqi, although it is a woman, but lu lingqi in the western region to make the merits of the thousands of men to shame, Yang fu can not underestimate.

"Two childe, archenemy current, can't again fight!" Lu kuang shouted at the top of his lungs across the crowd.Fortunately, yuan shang side there will be Great Wall in the high table, the army retreat, the city on guard against sneak attack, so the nearest to the team after the soldiers resist madai, high table is brandished gun rate against lv bu army."Go!" < / p > < p > guo yuan eye flash a cold kill, suddenly a foot kick in the past, deputy general caught off guard, guo yuan was a foot kick to the city battlements above, the body in the air fell a somersaulting, screaming, toward the wall below the fall down.高考化学致宣




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