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李晨nic老婆|紧阴美Chapter 96 chang 'anDifferent from liu bei of the same period in history, nanyang developed in the past five years with liu bei's advantage of getting the moon first. However, by tightening his belt, liu bei bought a lot of things from lv bu that could expand people's livelihood, from windmills and waterwheels to looms and seeds."Be." Magnificent sea color a bitter, hanging his head should be a sound, then turned around, the wind and fire ran out of the point.

"Quick!" Yuan shang's face changed quickly, and he quickly led his troops to the direction of the camp. At a distance, he saw the fire raging in the camp."Haha ~" froyuan into disdain look to zhang he: "if I do not come, today big childe not be you and so on these make a rebellion, kill the elder brother killed the elder brother killed?Early know, should have left this land of trouble, but now want to go can not go.李晨nic老婆|Yang fu dry smile, also followed the ship, dozens of boats in the command of ganning quickly left the shore, along the wind, all the way down the river.< / p > < p > moist air, lu lingqi looked at the scenery on both sides of the river as the tide recedes, face suddenly ugly up, only feel a burst of nausea in the stomach, had also sat on the boat, but at that time can not have this feeling, but I do not know why, at the moment sailing in the turbulent river, lu lingqi suddenly have a sense of vertigo.

李晨nic老婆|Not good!The same scene was repeated in li dian's army. Under the cover of this round of shooting, the formation of three thousand people in a shower of blood suddenly became a piece of hell, and the dense formation became a joke.'dead woman! Zhang fei anger snort, zhang ba snake spear with a strange roar toward lu lingqi poke past.

Zhang fei shouldered zhang ba snake spear and said, "zi long, where have you been these years?"'I'll kill him! Yuan tan blushed and snapped.Just when a line of troops returned to the camp, did not find signs of war, which let CAI MAO and kuai liang down at the same time, the heart also can not help but a little doubt, where is the gaishun?李晨nic老婆|




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