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俺也来穿越大唐|巴西动力果Filled with a bloody atmosphere in the air, countless people nervous helpless shier shrink in the home, such a scene, how long has not appeared? In my memory, even though yuan shao had taken over han fu's occupation, he basically took ye city without bloodshed. Since the yellow scarf, there had been no war in ye city for nearly two decades."Keats obeyed." Keats nodded and hesitated. "it's just that the Lord has been too cruel to a group of women."Originally wanted to kick the ball to cao cao, since it is the main league, since when the main force, but now was guo jia lightly thrown back, yuan tan this fool actually so agreed, eldest brother, you with the soldiers is the least!

CAI MAO cold hum 1: "standby car.""Shiyuan, long time no see." Lv bu looks at pang tong, smile way: "your mouth still as usual smelly."Old man named zheng xuan, secondary personal name yasunari, NaiDong in the han Confucian classics, lyu3 bu4, it seems, at the same time is also a great educator, fame, and even are higher than the basis in a few minutes, the eastern han dynasty last years, the article, there are three king of zheng xuan and sorted in three jun, this is the north sea, the battle of guandu, spent to jizhou forcefully by the lombardi life yuan tan, with momentum, gloomily, easily and, later, lyu3 bu4 soldiers out of the taihang mountains, promote the land equalization policy, chance encounters poor and sick of zheng xuan, thanks to hua tuo in the side, with lyu3 bu4 costly to achievement points to exchange a Dan medicine, in order to be the old soul to keep.俺也来穿越大唐|"In addition to send a fast horse notice son filial piety, meng jin can keep the code, if the matter is not, then retreat. Cao cao eyes with a trace of unwilling, but unwilling and how? The jizhou opening was opened by lu bu, and the heluo land became less important.

俺也来穿越大唐|"Isn't that better? Ma chao sneered and said, "if that lidian dares to leave the city, he just took the opportunity to go to luoyang to help."To put it bluntly, lv bu can't afford to lose!"He didn't, but people outside say that!" Lyu3 bu4 clapped to clap a table, see toward lyu3 ling3 qi3 way: "do a matter only at the spur of the moment impulse, pour chase a man? What about your dignity?"

"Whether liu jingsheng is willing or not is useless." Guo jia smiled and said, "just leave what lv bu did in yecheng to kuai's family, and these jingxiang families will urge liu jingsheng to join the army!""The matter can't violate, think another way." Zhaoyun nodded. Huang zu was surrounded by secret whistles. They had no way to dive in.In the mist of blood, one could hear the sound of screams, but at least two hundred soldiers were swallowed up without any resistance under the great crossbow.俺也来穿越大唐|




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