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口罩概念股石家庄黄页If you do not seal the king, it is against the decree and not respect, and it is also the reason for the princes to punish him. When did this big ear thief become so treacherous? Cao cao looked at the sight of wang Yin, for a moment, not to catch, not to catch, his heart face hate itchy teeth, but still maintain a smiling face.Chapter 64 the wood beasts attack the city"At the mercy of big brother." Guan yu kneels down again on the ground, sink sound way.

And is particularly important, is liu bei after enforcement measures, he will be in nanyang imitate a lyu3 bu4, with the help of jingzhou, although only on two fields under officer with CAI kuai, family did not cause any damage to the others, and even in addition to the field, all other property, the estate between the support of his family, but this is a dangerous signal.< / p > < p > xia houyuan sent a team of soldiers, the bed crossbow will be lifted up again, continue to advance, at the same time sent a crossbow soldiers into the shield car under the shelter, waiting to break through the shield wall, the enemy to shoot."Reinforcements, general?" A partial will not understand the look to gao shun.口罩概念股Zhang song did not use any radical words, just from the family there to get some data to report to liu zhang.

口罩概念股"Take five hundred men and burn as much as you can!" "Zhou yu shen sounded.The spearmen in the rear mounted their thirty - foot spears on the shields, and the crossbowmen quickly replaced their crossbows and began firing."No more questions?" Wang tired incredible look at liu zhang: "the Lord ordered the minister in charge of the law, this matter should be presided over by the minister, the Lord to promote the rule of law, the minister also agreed, but there should always be a chapter and law, to show fairness, the minister more to face the responsibility of all parties, if there is no clear law, how do trust? How could this minister not ask questions?"

"Boyan didn't come here just to say that, did he?" Zhou yu smiled and looked at lu xun.Gao shun and zhang liao were the first two generals under lv bu's command, and their skills were all of the top ones. Although the five generals were the main generals of the elite army, each of them was a rebellious and rebellious person, they had to keep their temper in front of them.And the new lady candidate also let a lot of people fell eyeball, was the former liu biao widow, liu cong's mother Mrs CAI.口罩概念股




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