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综艺满天星朱倩倩capCity chang 'an, the sentinels in addition to hand, Gideon both under and over, and north and south, east and west four big commander-in-chief, guarding changan four respectively, each under a four hundred foot soldiers, divided into two dial, daily take turns guarding city, east gate ShouJiang Yang Ding, calculation is the army of the old man, and dong zhuo xi, also has served in lyu3 bu4 under, with lyu3 bu4 have a brothers in arms of love.Pang tong rolled his eyes about, but he was thinking of how to make a scene, preferably to cause confusion, and then to slip away.Shook his head, perhaps tomorrow, the month will perish, as the king of the month, let him how to sleep, looking at the general, eyes with a bit of hope way: "sent to ask for help? When will general fei's reinforcements arrive?"

"Take it as a joke." Lu lingqi lost way.He shook his head and looked at cao cao's disappointed look. He smiled sadly and said, "it is clear that you want to reap the benefits. It is better for your master not to report your great hope.""Fengxiao, sometimes your inference is annoying!" Cao cao smiled sadly and shook his head, saying that this was true, but really said, will be a little bit of hope in cao cao's heart completely scattered, really make cao cao love and hate.Chang-an 20 miles, was more than enough miles lyu3 bu4 circle has an army camp, three thousand defensibly WeiYing changan responsible for daily patrol police and the city, and five hundred lyu3 bu4 decide this people selected elite was taken to the camp, as a title of generals in ancient times in the general office crown guard, while not much, but came lyu3 bu4 hand-picked, holds, zhou cang sea as lieutenant, begin and He Man, lyu3 bu4 of training here.综艺满天星朱倩倩Pang tong is helpless, want to rebel, but he is a teacher of the law, although know some skill to strike skill, but defend oneself to still go, meet these women that are engaged in assassinate technically, also can only strange surrender, not for a while was bound hands and feet, hired with the text became a pair of fellow brothers.

综艺满天星朱倩倩"Who?" Tu wang wen yan suddenly jumped up, incredible stare tanu road.If the lyu3 bu4, guan yu, zhang fei, the count of force of top military commanders, one can achieve two star, regardless of the skills, you can touch the threshold, second-rate military commanders with familiar people to speak, the begin, He Man is this level (touch with second-rate second-rate threshold is not a level, don't be confused).Although jia xu is quite introverted in daily life, but the literati's inner arrogance, but rarely to praise others, there is a lot of strategic evaluation from jia xu's mouth out probably with guan yu eyes martial arts can be so evaluation.

Zhang was surprised when he heard what he had said. Lu bu not only wanted to use legalism, but also further divided the power of the prefectures, prefectures and prefectures.Chapter 15 the hussars ride high"If a tower? Aren't you staying behind? Why are they here?" See bearer miserable appearance, tu each king also ignore Wolf qiang king and first zero king, hurriedly pull up a person, harsh voice way.综艺满天星朱倩倩




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