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万达云游戏服务器|辽机集团Thinking of these things, lyu3 bu4 but always pay attention to the movement of xianbei people, those scouts patrol route, time, has been lyu3 bu4, time, also in this silent, but depressing in the long wait, bit by bit in the past.Looking to the west of Wang Ting, is it time to begin?Bing must play!

"Shut up!" LanZhan before still soft face, but now has put on a cold solemn expression, looked at the direction of the door, bit his lips, sink a track: "You personally go to Kirby can tribe, tell him, temuzhen is not as easy to control as imagined, if you can, kill him!"This lombardi was xu togeher that scold, annoyed, where can hear xin comment voice is to make xu togeher to the rear, cut off xu togeher surrender to cao cao.万达云游戏服务器|While Jiang Xu, Apparently one of them, Most of the time, family members into a certain party governors, will work for their own clan welfare, relatively speaking, instead of too much attention to salary, lyu3 bu4 raise official salary, but also strengthen the means of severe punishment, it seems to be to combat corruption, but ultimately, or in the balance between family and poor, and family, in this policy, is obviously the oppressed side.

万达云游戏服务器|"You don't need to worry about this, Tuoba, Murong, Ke Xin, to jin tribe has promised to treat me as king, as for step to root, he can't come back alive, I need you, after the death of Kui Tou, help me contain the five big tribes. A woman looks as if she's got it all figured out."Kill!" Lyu3 bu4 hook up a basin of fire, directly ignited the stable, countless startled horses began to run around, directly knocked over many tents, exacerbated the chaos of the camp."Why?" Zhang he don't understand.

Lyu3 bu4 points around mayi swept bing, Along the way, the counties under lyu3 bu4 prestige, coupled with the popular inclination to lyu3 bu4, Dare not touch, But there's a lot of intrigue behind the scenes, along the way, Lyu3 bu4 just by virtue of military power, Twenty-seven counties in both counties, There was not much resistance, But almost half of them harboured a hidden agenda, Lyu3 bu4 will stop the army outside the city, First came the fear that the army would disturb the people, Second is to give these people a chance, let lyu3 bu4 have to clean up their reasons, after all, about their retreat, if he swept all the way across, every city is down, after lyu3 bu4 left, these people immediately rebellion, now don't matter, but if lombardi army arrived, if lombardi army is broken lyu3 bu4 return, lyu3 bu4 how dare to take it lightly?Jiang Xu bowed down and said, "XiaGuan is taught.""Master, what can Kirby do?" Standing behind the sentence suddenly heard lyu3 bu4 suddenly called out the name of Kirby can, some doubts asked.万达云游戏服务器|




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