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2kk 第一放映室|开游戏厅的手续Staring at the crowd and taking a deep breath, he was about to speak when an officer of the army came in, looked at the crowd and declared, "your generals, there is an ugly man outside the camp who calls himself pang tong of guanzhong"General, get out of here. The men can't carry this. These fools are crazy!" < / p > < p > xing daorong killed guan yu side, panting like cattle pulled guan yu, whining, he is really some kill afraid.Led, cao cao is a pro who, tall, skin is probably more than the relationship between the sun, may be this is so, all in all a skin from head to toe is very dark, there are five or six big and small scar on the face, not wearing a helmet, a head of hair so casual to dance in the wind, people walk on the road, then as a head of searching for food in general, who can feel him out of that fierce crime gas.

"If we take the military lightly, shi yuan is better than me." Zhuge liang smiled sadly and shook his head."Get out of here! One cavity looks forward to, finally get is such a result, in the chest panic gradually turned into anger, broke a porcelain again, liu zhang's roar spread throughout the whole ci shi fu."Generals, it seems, have no intention of killing me now. I wonder who is in charge of this battalion at this moment?" Pang tong smiled and looked at the generals, automatically removing liu2kk 第一放映室|Many people smell speech, lump, lv meng sink a track: "I have been sent to inform the tetrarch, viceroy's funeral, when hosted by master, please you be calm, believe the tetrarch, will give us a replacement, give this a replacement, I swear lv meng, lifetime, even if the head don't spell, also must revenge for this."

2kk 第一放映室|Even if someone knew that he had done it, it was no big deal.Lv meng turned his head slightly on the side, and the strong wind swept the other long hair with a cluster of arrows in the air. One of the young general behind him was shot through the throat by the other side.

"Well." Two qiao hurriedly bow a salute, clever of retreat."This...... It's a mistake!" Meng da shook his head in embarrassment, and was just about to explain that pang tong, wei yan, fa zheng and others had arrived, and fa zheng had cast a glance at the waiter"Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day."2kk 第一放映室|





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