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书包网高辣h花液张开腿|萝卜种子An arrow rain fell, large slaves like mowing grass was ChengTou down the arrow cluster took away life.Many people see step root's body, some people throw weapons, kneel down, please, although there are people in stubborn resistance, but the overall situation has been decided, after the first world war, kirby can shoot step root, more defeated king court military forces, in the momentum, has already covered the other four tribes, next, as long as the king's court, that kirby can is the most likely to become the new khan."Master, really don't care?" Sentence tu and upright when some don't want to look at the tribe hurriedly arranged defense of the huns, after all, is a force they gathered in the past half a month, just throw it away, too bad.

Wei yan riding horses, with troops walking in the dilapidated imperial city, occasionally can see a pair of fearful eyes from behind the more intact houses, when lyu3 bu4 let wei yan guarding letter valley, migrated many people into the guanzhong, undoubtedly also weakened a lot of popularity.In contrast, the west cool and harmony state intelligence will be gentle, after the beginning of the spring, zhang liao to xu sheng, chen xing, won the wudu county, zhang both with hands personally to wudu county in charge of governance, within this year, should be able to get hundreds of people, lyu3 bu4 for now, every additional population, the future is more than a deposit.Falling in to grant smell speech looked up, the sky is full of stars, he how to know which zhang he said is a few, just looked up at that moment, face suddenly changed, stare big eyes, open mouth, muttered: "too white retrograde, invasion of cattle, fighting points, chaos, chaos!"书包网高辣h花液张开腿|"Patriarch, that huns sent for us to hand over the huns slaves." He cadre fall, the patriarch is enjoying the soft body of the maid, an inappropriate voice outside the tent.

书包网高辣h花液张开腿|At the same time, some voices of discontent were heard among the tribes as well as the great success of Kirby, but because Kirby was now too powerful, they did not erupt, only in secret."Rumble ~""Pip-pip ~"

"Sir, actually a few days ago, there were some rumors in the barracks, but people didn't care too much at that time, but now that I think about it, those rumors and the current events were surprisingly consistent. A crony general bowed his head.However, even so, obviously also can't wash the anger of the hate of the extinction, but also surprisingly calm, first sent someone to shoot down the beggars along the way to report to the beggars, perhaps in the attack on the beggars tribe, has been prepared for this, and then in the beggars return halfway to do preparation.Even if it is old, weak, women and children, also can't be so easily captured by lyu3 bu4, thought of here, step root frown way: "Do you know how he is breached?"书包网高辣h花液张开腿|




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