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刘谦资料|二手柳工挖掘机"Filial piety straight, several years not to see, you with that old fox learn a set really useful." The battle in the city was coming to an end. Sporadic resistance could not bring any changes to the fallen city of chengdu. Pang tong and wei yan found fazheng and zhang song and smiled."Now, do what you have to do." Chen shook his arm, raised his long bow, bent it to take the arrow, and then shot an arrow at lv meng in the astonished eyes of all."Yes, Sir, go easy." The steward quickly bowed and looked at the direction in which he had left the room, looking a little confused. Although he had not heard the whole story, he did hear that the emperor had insulted the minister's wife

"General, what is this?" Deng xian looked at wei yan with a startled face."If I don't let them go, how will yan yan know I'm coming?" Wei yan smiled slightly and looked at deng xian, saying, "is there any place nearby that can be put to good use?"Even if lu bu had stopped sending troops, liang liang would have been frustrated by the surrender of one hundred thousand shu troops from langzhong alone.Clusters of arrows rain from all directions, each other more clearly than Chen here, they just let a person gutty all around is the feeling of the enemy, many warriors panicked to meet them, but simply can't catch each other's shadow, just a moment, Chen to the fleet was to rush collapse, could not organize effective resistance, can only watch each other to put his military forces, and then to dominate, but helpless.刘谦资料|"Be quiet, all of you! Suddenly, lv meng suddenly drunk a sound, air penetration dandan, the sound like thunder, as if lv meng's whole body strength to burst out of the general, looking at the crowd roar.

刘谦资料|Nighthawk did not stay on the body has fallen for a moment, nighthawk shot, either the enemy is dead or I am dead, for the dead, there is no need to care, if you are dead, there is no need to care about the opponent is who."You yourself?" Wei yan frowns at pang tong: "is this too risky?" Although he quarreled with pang tong in daily life, among so many counsellors around lv bu, the one who was most to his taste was this guy. When he heard that pang tong was going to persuade him to surrender in person, he couldn't help frowning.Hands of a roll edge, a mass of fresh air carrying this sharp knife light, will be three burly western soldiers killed by the sword, the rear is more people rushing in to fill the gap, while the rear or soldiers are jingzhou through the cover of guan yu up from waste to kill, but tear gouges where whole pieces were missing only, it cannot be a foothold, even under the command of guan yu, also cannot expand the results.

"A hussar, Sir! ?" At the sight of the first man with a bear's back, pang tong's face changed, and he turned to fazheng. "you have even invited the hussars," he said."I wait for mat river to explore a horse, general deng xian, we are yan general's people, beg general help!" < / p > < p > two scouts to see deng xian, hurriedly for help, obviously before the help of guanzhong soldiers scared not light.刘谦资料|




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