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谢颖颖凸点照片|视频线多少钱一米"He has a new ally!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, eyes kill undisguised release."Don't destroy the huns vow not to return!" More and more soldiers raised their weapons in their hands. Originally not high-pitched voices gradually converged into a resounding wave, and the hatred that had been buried in their hearts for many years was gradually ignited and turned into a mournful roar, which changed the color of the heaven and the earth.Lyu3 bu4 suddenly felt, oneself, that long-lost boiling feeling, and began to burn again.

"Marriage." The country smiled and took a sip of the wine. "It can also be said that marriage.""Master, what happened?" People saw Korea hence so expression, hurriedly asked."Little general, the enemy is coming!" Pound pulled to erupt d, sink a track.谢颖颖凸点照片|Lyu3 bu4 hands and fingers crossed in front of the chest, slightly behind the body, shook his head and said: "until the end, don't affirm!"

谢颖颖凸点照片|Marotta smiled and said: "This does not need to worry about you and me, master will deal with, now keep stability and north two counties can, when the time is ripe, let general meng qi revenge."Two people dressed neatly, wenji changed into a suit of han dynasty, followed by lyu3 bu4 out of the camp.Ma dai, pound said, also kneel down silently, suddenly, inside and outside the hall, kneel down.

"Sir, if you can help me, I'm very lucky to have you!" Lyu3 bu4 ha ha a smile, but also did not help, accept marotta a worship, just reached out to help him up.After zhong yao bypassed xinfeng, He took the soldiers overnight, until dawn, zhong yao in a group of armor escort down to the bank of a river, see the rear and no pursuit, just slightly relieved, a line of routed troops with zhong yao, overnight, already tired, see at this time temporarily lost pursuit, the life of the people rest for a while, then continue to drive.A gift?谢颖颖凸点照片|




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