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男妾个个都好帅|活动雨蓬Middle-aged scribes nodded, serious face, don't see what look, all day is a day still owing to his millions of smelly face, look to the giffin way: "troubled times, since the weight standard, master the methods for these people is good, but still need to make a complete plan, such as rewards and punishment system, for example if a certain celebrities can teach a governance one of the players, you can actionThe situation promotes or rewards, on the contrary, if the performance is mediocre all the time, these people will be demoted to the county school, on the one hand, it can better promote the three schools mentioned by the Lord, at the same time, it can also give out some information. At present, although the Lord is in guanzhong, he has yong liang, but he lacks too many talents.""Fengxiao, we will win!" For a long time, cao cao turned his head and looked at guo jia, who was pale with cold, smiling with an indescribable confidence.When lyu3 bu4 came to the backyard, was panic in big Joe cole, but also has a group of midwife in see lyu3 bu4, qi qi breathe a sigh of relief, although lyu3 bu4 have different look and feel, but in this time, the existence of lyu3 bu4, general for the entire house and changan, is a stability anchor, have him on, everyone's heart was steadfast many.

Since after lyu3 bu4 to changan, mountain thief's life was not as happy as he used to be, lyu3 bu4 to previously, although the guanzhong land has become a wasteland, but these brigands bandits heaven, at that time didn't eat out stroll, times are tough, always not everyone not to eat and to drink, three auxiliary, but be subject to the jurisdiction of the court before, even if family dazu county has been the scourge of dong zhuo, guo li, there are always some escape the existence of a bullet.Xianbei people in bamboo city these days, but no less poison people, street, to kill her women with shame even to kill for pleasure, previous excesses by xianbei people, nobody tube, at the moment xianbei people fall from grace, recently floated in the street at a draught of xianbei people, became a rat crossing the street, everywhere one xianbei people were WeiOu bamboo city people to death, narrowly escaped to the wall below the xianbei people, was also shot down JianCu struck on the wall."No, the han people are very strict with us. It's hard for us to escape. That's why we came to you. "Kun mu explained in a low voice.男妾个个都好帅|"No, the han people are very strict with us. It's hard for us to escape. That's why we came to you. "Kun mu explained in a low voice.

男妾个个都好帅|Chapter 70 the last chapter of this bookThree hundred a title of generals in ancient times the guard as set out to protect the lyu3 bu4 slowly walking in the street, to meet the ten thousand people of attention, however, the big fellow of braganza, must be the identity of the wife, even if fail now han, but as long as the orthodox position is on this side of the han people, cannot change the rules, if later put a few dynasties, lyu3 bu4 to take princess, would not have other women, but in this troubled times, even if it is rules, lyu3 bu4 won't be ignored."Night, rest." Lv bu does not care, also did not expect to be able to change the habit that a person 20 years develops with respect to a word, finger one hook, skilled ground unties the ribbon between the waist of the other party, one layer of silk qualitative xi fu falls, show the charming body that is like warm jade general, without reservation so appear in lv bu eye.

"The west! ?" Liang xing was surprised and looked at han sui. He couldn't believe it, saying, "but Lord, thirty thousand troops, where can the grain come from?"< / p > < p > looking at the wenpin has run far figure, lu lingqi humming a: "we go!""Brother boda, the situation is like this. Chang 'an and even the whole yongliang area are now under the control of lv bu. The powerful families in xiliang are under the control of lv bu.男妾个个都好帅|




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