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卡司派河北雪花梨"Well!" The generals and admirals hurriedly agreed and retired.Originally jia xu was able to win, but jia xu unconsciously led lu bu to set, and finally hit a draw.Chapter 23 the calm father and son

"This is no small matter! Cao cao stepped forward and said in a deep voice, "your majesty, lv bu has been attacking baiji since five years ago. How much manpower and material resources were spent in building and training a navy for baiji? Now your majesty a word, baiji attached to the big man, lu bu but nothing, your majesty think, lu bu will give up?"After hearing the news, zhuge liang led Chen to xiangyang and zhang fei back to nanyang at night. At zhuge liang's suggestion, liu bei began to move the people of nanyang southward, and wan cheng was built into a military town."Watch out! In zhang fei distracted moment, huang zhongfa force, by zhang fei relaxed that moment, hard back a drag, zhang fei caught off guard, was huang zhong to all of a sudden drag over.卡司派"The nightingale in charge of jingzhou should have reported to the master about the matter of jingzhou. This time, the court proposed to be crowned king, but cao's thief put down the proposal with blood and blood. Even the queen was stiffed. "Seeing that the nightingale did not speak, xu niang could not help saying, but the words did not finish, but was interrupted by the nightingale with a cold look.

卡司派"Kill!" One of the soldiers gave a cold cry. The sword thrust into zang ba's body stirred it vigorously and pushed zang ba's body forward.In the sky, several war eagles in the sky constantly hovering, constantly send out a strange eagle cry, zhao DE looked up, there is a bad feeling in the heart.

As neighbors, also with lyu3 bu4 plays the most governors, cao cao knows better than anyone lyu3 bu4 has grown over the years, cao cao also in steady development over the years, but miss lu bu the pace of development, this is beyond the feeling, really not the taste, especially the opponent was defeated by his former that kind of frustration."And the others! ?" CAI MAO looked at kuai liang with an ugly complexion."Consigliere, why don't we break into the city?" Huang zhong stood at zhuge liang's side, puzzled and asked, the gate has been opened, but this is a good opportunity, zhuge liang let huang zhong just wave the flag and cry, but not to attack the city, which makes huang zhong is very difficult to understand.卡司派




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