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颜回的志向歌深圳救护车"Good, say! Zhang fei sat down on the chair in front of zhuge liang, humming, if not to give him a reasonable explanation, today lifted the stall."It's not true, general! A soldier with a knife to open a large bag of grain, the inside leakage, but a peng of straw."The best? Cao cao raised eyebrows, if the sound of the camp is the most elite, then what is gao shun here?

"General, these barbarians are... "Back to the tiger prison, xu sheng puzzled to look at gao shun.Gao shun and zhang liao were the first two generals under lv bu's command, and their skills were all of the top ones. Although the five generals were the main generals of the elite army, each of them was a rebellious and rebellious person, they had to keep their temper in front of them.And is particularly important, is liu bei after enforcement measures, he will be in nanyang imitate a lyu3 bu4, with the help of jingzhou, although only on two fields under officer with CAI kuai, family did not cause any damage to the others, and even in addition to the field, all other property, the estate between the support of his family, but this is a dangerous signal.颜回的志向歌Liu bei frowned, still feel some wrong, but the specific how wrong, can not say, finally helpless shake his head, said: "kong Ming resourceful, according to kong Ming's idea, divided the army to attack shu, but if things can not be violated, should not force.

颜回的志向歌Looking at lu xun, zhou yu sighed and said, "if jingzhou is attacked, jiangdong still has a chance to win the world championship. However, if it joins the alliance of vassal states, jiangdong will be defeated no matter whether it wins or loses.""At that time, lv bu recruited 110,000 allied troops from other states in the western region, and even many wusun, qiuci and dayuan people responded to lv bu's call. These people were the main force in the attack against The Three Kingdoms, which lasted for six months. At that time, The Three Kingdoms of wusun, qiuci and dayuan were incorporated into the han family."

"No need." Pang tong shook his head and said, "if this plan is feasible in normal days, liu zhang is dark and weak, so it may not be impossible for him to decide chengdu in battle. However, this time, wait and see. Liu zhang is still of some use now.Wei the smell speech, hurriedly got on the battlements, looking at the gates, but see the fault commissioner, open Spaces on the ground, suddenly to a pile of wooden monster, the story of big let people simply can't see the wood shell below the picture, but from the point of walking leg, here is a person, just look from the rostrum in the past, just as each mobile giant beetles, fast forward, the highlights on the giant beetles should be the location of the mouth a sharpened stakes."Shubi, lost, lost, do not give me back!" Ms is face a change, and complete to drink, I would forward to give back, waltman skill is not weak, the old guy waltman to conveniently blocked shots were each other, each other to be serious now, ms don't feel this silly nephew can really stop down, if the heart of this old man moved to kill, it is be valued by his sons and nephews this I'm afraid this will be stated here.颜回的志向歌




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