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大中华买料网喘速康The archers began to hurl their arrows at the enemy's shields, and rows of soldiers came forward to shield the archers from the arrows of the cao archers.Ju su bowed slightly and said, "now jingxiang has become the focus of the world. Although there is a civil disorder, if we rush to send troops, it will surely cause the princes to discuss with each other. That is, our army will move to luoyang to control cao cao."Get out! Zang bully forward, in the hands of steel into a residual film, hard in a warrior's armor, only hear a loud rumbling, Zang bully only both hands are put on the sound of the shock force of pins and needles, almost can not hold a gun, the soldier was shot by him, thrown off the ground, fractured chest armor, and impact on the wall body, growled fell down from the wall, let out a whoop of violent rumbling sound.

Thunder car hit low, bow and arrow and no one else severe, even if these cao jun are experienced in hundreds of battles cao jun elite, light hit can not fight back, but also more fight more suffocated."If you have any wish, my sister will help you as much as possible." "Said chua coolly.Even if is the sworn brother of the Lord, also can't forgive, huang zhong cold hums a way: "that three generals can dare to have a contest with me?"大中华买料网Chapter 32 the coming of the enemy

大中华买料网The person below peaceful flourishing age, what afraid sees is that bright general star adviser only, how to see foil the countless soul of these general star adviser, be like that bright starry sky backside, endless darkness, also only in darkness, stars just can be so bright.Newlyweds zhaoyun was again soon, after all, his most familiar with liaodong, however zhaoyun also hundreds of others will have to be back to three place, but, lyu3 bu4 not and and this tiny, ambition is not small, but stands alone overseas, to a village to war, to the original state of financial resources to support.CAI MAO now think of zhuge liang, would like to cut off the other side that rotten tongue, originally occupied an absolute advantage, in less than a year's time, zhuge liang that three inch not rotten tongue, lobbying the counties, xiangyang to completely isolated, became a veritable isolated city.

"If you have any wish, my sister will help you as much as possible." "Said chua coolly."Mr. Ziyang, but did not expect the Lord will send you!" Xia houyuan enthusiasm will come to help liu ye into his camp."Who are you waiting for?" Menber frowned. There was no danger in these people. They were all pale and thin, looking like refugees.大中华买料网




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