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小妖精好紧再浪一点|王氏点立瘦"Oh ~" huang zhong sighed and shook his head. "the Lord is getting old, zhang zhongjing said.A motorcade slowly walk on the road that is called cement, looking at the crowd that flows continuously around, from time to time can see many hair color and eye color the caravan of disparate central plains passes on the road, or take the initiative to get off the road, trade with the person with half-done mandarin.CAI MAO watched wang wei come in, directly to liu bei instead of him this commander, complexion is ugly.

"Retreat! Cao cao nodded, no more words, straight with the horse to respond to repair, yuan shang looked at cao cao left the direction, a smile on his face."Pardon!"Good man." A cavity of resentment into a grievance finally whimpering.小妖精好紧再浪一点|

小妖精好紧再浪一点|< / p > < p > another yuan jun cleverly bent down and cut off the horse leg, the knight on the horse to pull off, did not have time to kill, then the slave soldiers directly ride the horse to let the horse stand up, bowl mouth big iron hooves directly step on the back of the yuan jun, a burst of teeth acid bone crack sound, clever yuan bing never again can stand up.While he was worrying himself, another man stood out at the bottom of his hand and said, "general, your subordinates may help you find the secret way."In the cao camp, xun you frowned and said, "is yuan shang attacking the city?"

Chapter 50 the nestA small sword three feet long and a rib less than two feet long, armed with a sleeved crossbow, ten crossbows on one's back, and a pair of claws that one could use even when climbing, were the equipment of a night owl camp, from which combat and even battle training were specially developed.What is brother DE GUI's opinion? The son of heaven is the Lord of the world. When my Lord killed ding yuan and destroyed dong zhuo, they were all ordered by the emperor. Or, brother DE GUI, think the lives of ding yuan and dong zhuo are more useful than the lives of the emperor?"小妖精好紧再浪一点|




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