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阿拉蕾是谁的女儿|搜网址Sitting in the yagun with his head shaking, pang tong felt rather muddled along these days. Regardless of his family background, lu bu treated him well, at least better than doing idle work without getting paid.< / p > < p > ma chao at the moment point of troops, began to lead the troops to luoyang, at the same time, the tiger prison pass, liu biao's army is the first step.

Arrows rain up, gather into a cloud in the sky, at the time of smoke rises to the top, start saving fell down, and at the same time, d suddenly uttered a loud roar, thousands of riding and quick turn in the pentium, JianCu half fell to the ground, there are some in the crowd, but mostly by knight leather bounce off, only a handful of shoot in the place without leather armor protection, see the blood, and several knights screamed fell under the horse, was then catch a cavalry are stepping into paste."Can't, second younger brother one person, potential single force solitary, afraid bad that CAI MAO plot." Liu bei shook his head, but he wanted to save guan yu, but it was not worth the loss. If guan yu went alone, he would probably be broken by CAI MAO.Unconsciously, lu bu seems to have gradually replaced cao cao, in the hearts of the three brothers, became the biggest enemy.阿拉蕾是谁的女儿|"Duke xuande, please." CAI smiled and handed to action liu bei, after two months of activity, after all, he still took back the relieving, while the relieving of jiangxia not in his hand, be handed in to the big childe microbloggers, liu said, so will the relieving from liu table left hand to right hand, but the jiangxia thirty thousand horses rather than bring liu2 bei4 true to microbloggers, liu2 bei4 threat is too big.

阿拉蕾是谁的女儿|Which is further forced him or take refuge in lyu3 bu4 giants group, now accepted that equals with lyu3 bu4, standing in the opposite of a family, if you don't accept or accepted as, then don't strange why tianshui ginger home hit in the future, lyu3 bu4 standard of choose and employ persons is very clear, almighty high, unable to prove their abilities, want your he2 yong4?"No! < / p > < p > the cao cao, although deliberately slow, but in order to avoid being picked up by lv bu advantage, yuan shang can is fully brought 50,000 troops, only 30,000 troops stationed in the camp, it sounds a lot, but 80,000 of the camp by 30,000 people to keep, naturally empty.For this era, the most famous one is undoubtedly the yellow turban uprising. Although the massive peasant uprising was quickly put out, the harm it brought was far-reaching, directly shaking the majesty of the imperial power and the foundation of the country.

As for zhang liao, he was the manager of the west cool, when lv lingqi and zhaoyun eloped, zhang liao how can not know, had spent a few days with zhao yun, zhaoyun shot very deep knowledge.< / p > < p > outside the city, with the big orts fast to jizhou direction ran, zhang yan died, the thief was captured by lu bu, lu bu has at any time to jizhou hinterland ability, this matter, must inform yuan shao as soon as possible, let yuan shao strengthen the surrounding county defense, prevent lu bu from taihang mountain directly sent troops to attack jizhou.However, CAI MAO obviously underestimated lu lingqi's revenge.阿拉蕾是谁的女儿|





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