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张韶涵 妈妈|丰挺汤多少钱Army instantly shrank a half, lyu3 bu4 looked at the sky in front of him, issued a faint sigh, population, he wants a large number of people to fill the three auxiliary, only enough people as the foundation, he can complete his hegemony.The door suddenly pushed open, giffin with XiongKuoHai came in, hand bamboo paper to lyu3 bu4: "master, changan sent urgent letters."Chen palace complexion slightly changed, although not accept, but also have nothing to say, indeed, compared to cao cao lombardi, marten Korea hence some insignificant, but for today's lyu3 bu4, the two people dominate the west cool, under are valiant.

RiLe eyes flashed horror, turned to look at the leopard, but see liu leopard is also a face of gray, didn't expect lyu3 bu4 at this time don't want to how to save his life, instead take people into hetao.The next morning, eight thousand jincheng drop troops brisk outside the gates, the morale, seems to be stronger than lyu3 bu4 qiang brought a few points, not like an army just ate defeat.Actually don't need to say liu gan, the huns have begun to retreat, but liu gan still want to try to recover some losses, in the crowd, want to stabilize the morale.张韶涵 妈妈|After a few days, lyu3 bu4 will marotta all the way around, exchange some of the world trend and changan future development trend, many things, lyu3 bu4 heart have preliminary ideas, such as school, improve the treatment of craftsmen, promote people's livelihood.

张韶涵 妈妈|But with the big fellow's contraction, The importance of chicken deer village gradually decreased, if the han army to enter the hetao, can go directly to the west cool, bing area, chicken deer village is gradually abandoned, later the huns to the original chicken deer village as the center, built a large-scale trade, later cao cao divided the south huns into south-east northwest central five, chicken deer village also became the northern handsome cantonment."What shall we do now? Hanyang County?" XiongKuoHai some ignorant look to lyu3 bu4, this kind of problem, don't quite understand.Seibel gathered under the account of the warriors, spread out the map, frown at the map.

"At the end of the day!" Three will step forward, sonorous way."Hmm?" Zhou Cang looked back, holding the door frame of Miu Shang, eyes show a touch of disgust."Here!" Pound saw d mind has decided, know again advised useless, had to bow down to take life, quickly ordered four generals, each with a team of one thousand people, around the city put arrows, at the same time, d recruit close to the guard, take material, make a simple hit wood, ready to siege.张韶涵 妈妈|




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