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林西爱尚生活森地电动车报价Zhaoyun turn body mount a horse, haolong Dan 1 Yang, under the setting sun, icy gun front inclined stab empty space, expression also becomes indifferent come down: "that please three general, first from some corpse step past.""Left and right wings closed, the Chinese archers suppress the enemy camp bolt, the front charge!" Hanyoung said, sneer at 1, continue to command the enemy soldiers compression range, don't let the pound cavalry charge up opportunities, although cavalry, but don't think that in the plains, will be able to refrain from infantry, cavalry hanyoung also during the period of emperor xiao ren has led the troops to the huns, xianbei, wu huan of all ethnic groups, such as for cavalry fighting lessons to the chest, more know how to restrain cavalry."This...... "Xu shu felt stunned and didn't know what to say. This doubt, in fact, deer mountain college teacher have skirted speak, two of the specific case, cao cao can't remember, but whether Mr Water mirror water mirror or pound male, while reading through the history of subset, but seldom go to chapter and verse, but if you listen to them, the core, but can feel from the history of the subset.

< / p > < p > ma chao yong has been deep jingzhou soldiers heart, at the moment to see zhang fei and ma chao killed such a long draw, the heart hold back the mouth resentment at the moment finally have the place to vent, do not need to guan ping how to encourage, began to spontaneously for zhang fei cheer."Lord, general, CAI MAO with people around!" Is talking, but see a pro - wei rushed in, liu biao way."Why not? In those years its brave, afraid is not that close zhang 2 general under, be that lv bu, if can be young 10 years old, not necessarily have the power of world war I, just this person already old, one old soldier er, how to bear important task?" Liu biao shook his head, if huang zhong again young ten years old, such a fierce, he is naturally willing to use, how now huang zhong, has been an old soldier, liu biao Ann will be safe in his own?林西爱尚生活This is a very clever woman, also very sensible, this is also the most satisfied point of lv bu.

林西爱尚生活"Ready -- fire!""Oh?" "What happened?" asked lidian, puzzled.See yuan shang brandished troops to attack at the moment, jia xu can not help but send out a sneer, this time to play, for a while can some cry.

Hejian, gaoyang.Xu chu complexion rose red, see more xi with the vast sea fierce battle, silently back to the side of the array."Is the little brother willing to let out so much information?" Gu shao looked at the guard and smiled.林西爱尚生活





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