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津南区haobc|中宽网信CAI MAO suddenly want to chop down kuai yue impulse, before you said to attack, now said to retreat or you? Are you kidding me?Wait, camp?"If lu bu wants to fight, at least luoyang must not fall into the hands of lu bu!" Guo jia groped wine shame, silently thinking way: "to destroy lu bu, but not easy, the potential has become, eager, mo said yuan shao may not be willing to sincerely and our army to deal with lu bu, even if willing, single is a kettle pass, can let yuan shao halted, as for the grassland...... "

Whether it is liu biao or cao cao or jiang dongsun, yizhou liu zhang, if only more than money, any one of the family, can be in the financial resources above the full burst of lv bu."Well, ask him in." Pressing down the joy in his heart, yuan shang tried to make his expression look a little calmer and his emotions were not reflected in the color.Yuan shang frowned and looked at the judge and said, "but if we don't take it now, what if all the people in qingzhou will rebel again?"津南区haobc|"Lord! Xiahou dun and xu huang came to cao cao's side, behind the two men, several soldiers carrying a general of the yuan army, only to find that the man was high.

津南区haobc|"Military affairs are no laughing matter!" Gao shun thick eyebrow one xuan, frowning way: "Lord's decision, not my ability control."Jilted to jilt head, this is burst out the idea of a dump, haven't to that step, his hand and nearly twenty thousand troops, on the strength, aside from those who don't have much strength of slave soldiers, lyu3 bu4, zhang liao and Gao Shunsan military forces together is not dominant, as long as you don't go wrong, can hold next year's spring."Surprisingly, the food under lv bu's command is so good that I want to become a soldier." Pang tong did not know where to get a pair of chopsticks, wagging his head to the car, want to give himself a bowl first, stood for a morning, legs are numb, must treat themselves.

"True, conceal the truth!" Guo jia nodded, his eyes flashing with a strange smooth: "I have been looking up information about chang 'an, the merger of the state, luoyang and even hetao western region, there is no obvious change in the army and horses, but there is one thing, do you notice?However, during the war, the refugees were everywhere. Many vassals felt that these refugees were a burden, but they could not be given to lu bu.At the moment of the rush, there was a crash in the woods, and an orca fell.津南区haobc|





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