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韩剧音乐剧|哪里维修宝路华手表"Before you brought the letter, the consigliere had secretly told me about you." Chen said, "who are you?""Liu zhang, not out to die!"Chapter 81 the nighthawk

"A crisp, but see xiao qiao face some pale face standing at the door, eyes blankly watching lv bu and nighthawk, beside her, big Joe pulled xiao qiao, some anxious looking at lv bu."Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day.""Commander, mission complete. Retreat?" "Asked a nighthawk guard, bending forward.韩剧音乐剧|"You...... Fortunately, he was stupid enough to help us solve zhang ren. Otherwise, to enter chengdu, we still need to waste a lot of work

韩剧音乐剧|"Rest assured, we have relevant information in guanzhong from all the counties along the way. General deng can send someone to find out the truth first. Pang tong said with a smile, lu bu had not planned for the middle of shu for a day or two. Almost every city had a detailed plan.Deng xian is standing behind wei yan, smell speech can not help a burst of chill, this person of person of letter of lv bu's hand, true a match a poison, in comparison, although pang tong is a bit ugly, but at least won't so agonize over a person.

Lyu3 bu4 every ground, will promote the average-land system, although there are many ways to compensate the guanzhong, but see zhuge liang nature, though lyu3 bu4 given by the way, to gain more wealth, but lost a lot of families say, without the land, family is equal to the lost compete with lyu3 bu4, as long as lu bu happy, any family he can freely kneading, this also is the place that tide really reject lyu3 bu4 say and the ability to protect themselves, it is more interests cannot replace."I was just in charge of getting the word out and telling people that you were suspicious of me, but I didn't understand when the general found out?" Ford leaned against the stern, but did not move. Chen was staring at him now, with no chance to escape.'but you'll hate me, won't you? Lyu3 bu4 lengly way.韩剧音乐剧|




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