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天府情话|钾旺颗粒水溶肥"Master, what happened?" County government, male broad sea, zhou cang rushed in with a group of bodyguards, stare around, didn't find half a figure, puzzled look at lyu3 bu4."Since Meng Jin is in our hands, Lyu3 bu4 to send troops, I should have my doubts, Since the son filial piety soldiers are few, Then don't argue with that Wei Yanqiang right now, Drop some horses on him first, As long as meng jin in our hands, lyu3 bu4 man, then dare not too much publicity, really worrying is that lyu3 bu4 now station troops in luoyang, bing, governance has been a piece of land, more potential than dong zhuo in the past, the beginning of the defeat and not die, the northern tripod potential has become, a "to tripod the northern hegemony, with added twists and turns, even to consume a long time!" Xu togeher drunken leaning against the country."Who is it!?" All smell speech, can not help but great anger, step root generous righteousness, usually in the king's court has a very high prestige, at the moment hear step root of the death of another secret, is likely to be Yin death, can not help but feel indignant.

"Ha ha ha ha ~" Step root suddenly looked up to the sky long smile, has been too long, inherited from his brother khan, has been too long without the respectful salute of these big tribal generals, at the moment looked at begging fu goyang finally soft, step root waved and said: "Well, today's things, I will not pursue, you go."In the camp, The women who were robbed, Almost got used to life here, In this strife-torn prairie, A woman's way of life is to cling to the strong, Born and bred, they were used to the law of the jungle, and did not show much resistance. The whole tribe had now been restored to its ecology, with men herding cattle and sheep outside and women doing meticulous work in the stockade, making leather armor for their men. The whole tribe looked quiet and peaceful, with a sense of prosperity.Looking at the huns warrior, kui head coldly said: "or never let him know!"天府情话|Coss seize tiger fastened, may go to rob meng jin, if jun occupied meng jin, for luoyang, trouble may be greater than coss seize tiger fastened, because meng jin closer to luoyang, once jun from meng jin, tiger fastened this natural cut equal to waste half, so meng jin must be in the hands.

天府情话|"Liu Bei, Xuande Gong." Zhaoyun murmured, somewhat distracted: "I met Xuande Gong under General Bogui of Youzhou, like-minded, once had a promise, if cloud left Youzhou in the future, will go to like-minded."A words, said before the good, but later, heard Jiang Xu some chills, this is the first time someone will corruption rose to the height of treason."Boy?" Zhou Cang frowned and looked at He Man and said, "Leave him alone and kick him out."

Conspiracy, this thing is from the beginning of the conspiracy against the king's court, the five major tribes, even the furthest Kirby can all arrived, then the other three tribes?Murong GUI and TaBaJi powder, lyu3 bu4 is not prepared to go into, but Kirby can be different, this is an ambitious and talented person.天府情话|




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